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An Affordable Honda Civic Type R May Be In The Works

(Credit: © Honda)

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An Affordable Honda Civic Type R May Be In The Works

Let’s face it, the Honda Civic Type R isn’t exactly cheap. Even worse, dealers across the nation are hiking up prices, and some desperate people are paying them. Honda may be looking for a way to get more Type Rs into enthusiasts’ hands.

We know this thanks to some interesting evidence. The Truth About Cars went spelunking in National Highway Traffic Safety Administration filings, which I have to admit is about as entertaining as sorting a huge sack of mail. Anyway, it noticed that Honda registered two Type Rs, with details suggesting just a difference in equipment, not powertrains. One of the listed Type Rs is a Touring model, which probably is the current one, since it comes with all kinds of goodies.

In other words, if you want a ghetto Type R, Honda might be getting one ready. Sure, you’ll have to suffer without heated seats and LED lights, but you still get the K20C1 turbo 2.0-liter engine and a six-speed manual.

Honda might strip down this other Civic Type R further. Some are theorizing it won’t have as crazy of aero, which honestly could be a plus if you want more of a sleeper. It also may include smaller wheels, but adding aftermarket wheels is simple enough.

None of this is official, so let’s keep that in mind. Honda may have only filed for this car, but not actually follow through with it.

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