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Dieselgate Just Won’t Die

(Credit: © Volkswagen)

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Dieselgate Just Won’t Die

Did you think Dieselgate was going to end with Volkswagen settling the case with the U.S. and other governments? That’s cute, because Dieselgate will never die.

This time around, Reuters broke the story that Porsche is suing Audi for damages from Dieselgate. Yes, both brands are owned by the Volkswagen Group, but Porsche wants €200 million for those cheating diesel engines it used in the Cayenne and Panamera.

This is about as close as it gets in the automotive industry to “All My Children” or whatever soap operas are popular these days.

Reuters reached out to Volkswagen for comment on the infighting. VW responded that its internal struggles aren’t going to get splashed everywhere. So what is everyone doing? Splashing it everywhere. Once again, Volkswagen manages a tough situation to hell. Bravo.

If you know anything about Volkswagen Group history, you’ll know this isn’t the first time there’s been turmoil within the group, especially with Porsche at the center of it. Exactly what these demands for monetary restitution means for the Group in the future is unclear, but this could get interesting.

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