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Potential Tesla Model 3 Owners Want To Know Where Their Car Is

(Credit: Tesla )

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Potential Tesla Model 3 Owners Want To Know Where Their Car Is

Tesla wowed everyone when it racked up hundreds of thousands of preorders for the Model 3. Since then, many questions loom, and they’re getting bigger with each passing day. The biggest thing on many potential Model 3 owners’ minds is when they’ll actually get the car.

To be fair, Tesla was quite frank and let everyone know they probably wouldn’t get a car until maybe 2019. But everyone wants things now, which is why Amazon Prime is so popular, along with music downloads and other forms of instant gratification. Bloomberg graciously gave us insight into these people’s state of mind.

Supposedly, Tesla’s about to provide some answers. Some potential customers just want to know if they should lease a Prius or Leaf in the meantime. That’s reasonable, but so far they’ve heard nothing about a timetable from the California automaker.

Another issue pops up: waiting too long could push the car’s price up. Once Tesla has sold 200,000 EVs, that nice $7,500 federal tax credit goes away. That could happen next year.

Plenty of analysts are speculating about how many people have already canceled their Model 3 order. They’re also trying to project how many more will follow suit, and when. This could provide an opening for other automakers who may be able to bring an affordable alternative to market. Let’s face it, Tesla isn’t good at making lots of cars, or getting them out to consumers in an orderly fashion.

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