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Killer Low-Speed Electric Cars Coming Soon

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Car Safety

Killer Low-Speed Electric Cars Coming Soon

With Donald Trump in the White House, deregulation is the trend these days. That means businesses won’t have to follow all those rules slapped on them by the feds before, including electric cars making noise at low speeds.

That’s right: killer low-speed electric cars are coming soon to your neighborhood.

Some think this will usher in an apocalypse, with EVs hunting down innocent citizens, even when they’re safely inside the confines of crosswalks. Others have decided this proves once and for all the electric cars secretly want to ruin society.

If you’ve ever been almost run over by a nefarious Prius driver while ambling through a parking lot, you know how serious this issue can be. According to NHTSA estimates, requiring electric cars to make sounds under 19 mph will save 2,400 pedestrians from being injured each year.

There’s a slight chance NHTSA won’t kill off this regulation, but we’ll see. Basically, it all comes down to money. NHTSA needs to save taxpayer dollars by rolling back enforcing some regulations. I’m sure that the fact this regulation comes from a pedestrian safety act passed by Congress back in 2010, and signed into law by Barack Obama, has nothing to do with the move.

Of course, some automakers also didn’t like this new regulation. Now we all need to watch out for bloodthirsty electrified vehicles at every moment.

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