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The Electric BMW 3 Series Should Debut This Fall

(Credit: BMW)

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The Electric BMW 3 Series Should Debut This Fall

Now you have yet another reason to think twice before actually going through with a Tesla Model 3. The all-electric BMW 3 Series will debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show this fall. This info comes from Handelsblatt, a German news outlet. Anyone who doesn’t think this will be huge is likely a total Tesla fanboy.

Will this finally be the car that gives the California automaker a run for its money?

Before you count BMW out, just because it’s a traditional automaker, you need to know more. BMW has been a technology pioneer in many ways, pushing the boundaries of lightweighting and other innovations with the i3. It’s been hard at work behind the scenes, so don’t be shocked if the electric 3 Series packs some surprises.

It will use the new G20 platform, being one of the featured new 3 Series models.

Thanks to a Reuters report, we know the Bimmer will have a range of at least 250 miles on a single charge. That beats out the Model 3, which can go 215 miles. Some think this number sounds suspicious, but we’ll know for sure soon enough.

Make no mistake, BMW’s timing is perfect. The electric 3 Series debuts right when Tesla will really start filling Model 3 orders. Some customers might back out once they see the Bimmer, hurting Tesla’s bottom line. Likely, BMW will launch this new sedan next year, and has a more robust distribution model in place (like, in all 50 states, plus all over the world).

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