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Is The Acura NSX Struggling For Sales?

(Credit: Acura)

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Is The Acura NSX Struggling For Sales?

Before the current-gen Acura NSX was even revealed, it’s been controversial. Critics have lined up to take shots at the car, and that line grew once it was unveiled. And that’s still going on, months after the supercar’s been released.

Take, for example, Road Show, CNet’s automotive site. It’s currently running an article saying the car seems to be “stumbling out of the gate.” The evidence? Quick online searches for NSXs for sale through sites like,, etc. Using that super-scientific method, Road Show uncovered that a lot of dealers say they have NSXs for sale, with one site boasting 170 listings. Do the cars actually exist? Who knows? Because no dealer has ever done a bait-and-switch. No.

With that “evidence” in hand, we’re to believe nobody wants the NSX.

As the Road Show article points out, in 2016 Acura sold just 269 NSXs. That doesn’t sound like much, considering the huge glut that are listed for sale online. That is until you consider the supercar didn’t hit the market last year until the summer. In other words, it was only available for about half the year.

Acura reported that in January alone, it sold 50 NSXs. So yeah, sales seem really slow, if you spin things the right way. As the weather warms up, that number will likely climb. The next time you hear nobody wants the new NSX, don’t believe them. Look at the cold, hard facts instead, because the supercar’s selling.

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