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Aston Martin Reveals Valkyrie, A Godlike Hypercar

(Credit: Aston Martin )

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Aston Martin Reveals Valkyrie, A Godlike Hypercar

If you think Formula One cars are a little on the slow side, the new Aston Martin Valkyrie will not disappoint. This hypercar is bonkers in every way possible, from looks to performance and price.

To start off, it’s appropriately named. Valkyries were mythical women in Norse legends who decided if wounded soldiers on a battlefield lived or died. I’m going to venture that this Aston Martin is pretty ruthless, so the name is fitting. Also, this continues the tradition of using names starting with a “V” for the premier Aston Martin models.

Making the Valkyrie required an amazing team. Aston Martin partnered with Red Bull Advanced Technologies, plus AF Racing and several big tech firms.

We don’t have any specs, yet. What we do have is a CGI-heavy video that shows off some extreme aero and a little bit of engine noise that’s promising. When details drop, prepare to be amazed.

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