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BMW Creates Vehicle Artificial Intelligence

(Credit: BMW )

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BMW Creates Vehicle Artificial Intelligence

BMW has the brilliant idea of putting artificial intelligence inside your Bimmer. But, since it’s BMW, these won’t be run-of-the-mill AIs. Instead, the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant will put the attitude back into driving.

At least BMW wants you to believe that will happen. It could be just a sassy AI that won’t be completely cooperative. Maybe it will be like going to a snooty French restaurant where the service is supposed to not treat you well?

Anyway, all you have to say is “Hey BMW” to get the AI’s attention. From there, it will help adjust settings for the vehicle, control the entertainment features, put navigation to work getting you lost, or give attitude while explaining how to use different things in the vehicle.

Or, if you’re especially lonely, the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant will even have a conversation with you. Oh yes, BMW went there, and it’s a good thing it did, because Bimmer drivers are feeling pretty cut off from the world.

This amazing AI tech will launch in 2019, so get ready to snag that new BMW of your dreams.

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