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The 2018 LEAF Will Have a Single-Pedal Mode

(Credit: © Nissan)

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The 2018 LEAF Will Have a Single-Pedal Mode

Nissan is slowly unveiling information about the highly anticipated 2018 LEAF. So far, it hasn’t released any juicy details, but it has announced its semi-autonomous driving system and automatic parking. Today, another new tech feature gets unveiled: the e-Pedal.

The e-Pedal is yet another move by Nissan to make driving easier and safer for everyone. At the press of a button, the accelerator becomes this e-Pedal, which basically eliminates the need for a brake pedal in 90% of driving conditions.

How it works is once the drive activates the e-Pedal, the accelerator pedal takes on three functions. First, it accelerates as normal when pressed. Should the driver want to decelerate, they simple ease up on the pedal. To come to a complete stop, the driver simply releases the pedal — no need to press the brake.

What’s more, the e-Pedal system will also keep the LEAF stopped on a hill.

You can see all these functions in video form below.

We’ll learn more about the 2018 LEAF and all its technological advancements when it debuts on Sept. 6, 2017.

Keep it locked here for updates.

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