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Fisker Unveils its EMotion and Confirms its Price Tag

(Credit: © Fisker Inc.)

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Fisker Unveils its EMotion and Confirms its Price Tag

After losing in the premium green car segment and ultimately vacating the company with his namesake, Henrik Fisker is back at it. Fisker Inc. (not to be confused with Fisker Automotive) has promised a premium flagship electric vehicle for some time now, and recently, it gave us a quick peek at this new rig.

As you can see in these first-ever real-life images, this new EV, which is dubbed the Fisker EMotion, is a step away from the Karma that he created a few years back. It carries almost a sports sedan or grand touring appearance instead of the luxurious, flowing lines the Karma did.

Fisker EMotion

The Fisker EMotion will feature a carbon-fiber and aluminum body, front, side and rear carbon-fiber aero elements, a carbon-fiber rear diffuser, and carbon-fiber and aluminum wheels.

The under-hood bits are still in the dark a bit, but Fisker did reveal a few details. It announced the EMotion will travel up to 400 miles on a single charge, will top out at 161 mph, and can reach up to 100 miles of charge with just nine minutes of charging, thanks to its UltraCharger technology.

Safety is also a focus for Fisker, and it shows in the EMotion. This EV will boast a frontal crash structure that exceeds regulations, LIDAR, and two cameras, which help deliver a 360-degree view for the driver.

Fisker EMotion

Finally, price… Fisker Inc. says the new EMotion will check in at 129,900.

We expect to see the EMotion in production in time for the 2019 model year, so stay tuned for updates.

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