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GM Faces Diesel Emissions Scandal Of Its Own

(Credit: Chevrolet )

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GM Faces Diesel Emissions Scandal Of Its Own

Now is not a good time to be betting on the future of diesel light vehicles. I’ve been saying this for a while, and it looks like everything is lining up for the demise of the fuel. In the latest development, GM is getting socked with a class-action lawsuit. It alleges the auto giant cheated on emissions for over 700,000 trucks.

Of course, GM is saying the lawsuit doesn’t hold any water. We’ll see how it shakes out, but it’s one of several setback for diesel.

Fiat Chrysler was recently called out by the Justice Department for allegedly creating a defeat device for emissions, similar to what Volkswagen did.

The BBC said last week German police searched 11 Daimler offices. They were looking for info about the automaker cheating on diesel emissions. The effort involved 23 prosecutors and 230 officers, which are a lot of resources to pour into the investigation. In other words, the German government must feel strongly something funny’s going on.

Even Bosch isn’t safe from the diesel emissions fallout. As Automotive News points out, it was named as a co-defendant in the GM class-action suit. Back when Dieselgate was new, plenty of people questioned just how much the parts supplier knew about VW’s cheating, or if it helped create the defeat devices. Bosch is also tied to FCA and Daimler, plus most of the auto industry. As these different lawsuits shake out, Bosch might not escape unharmed.

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