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Watch An Electric Corvette Set A Speed Record

(Credit: YouTube)

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Watch An Electric Corvette Set A Speed Record

By now we’ve established that electric cars can be fast and fun. A great example of how thrilling EVs can be is this all-electric Corvette from Genovation Cars. Adding to its bragging rights is a new standing mile record for an electric car, at an impressive 190.4 mph.

The car achieves this amazing feat in a mere mile. Many gas-powered vehicles can’t duplicate that kind of an accomplishment.

Just watch the video above and try to not be impressed. The best part is when the C6 ZO6 blasts past and makes a sound that’s like a fighter jet, not a car. Saab lovers of the world, eat your heart out.

According to Genovation, the GXE is loaded with an electric powertrain capable of producing up to 700 horsepower. While you can’t get this car for yourself, Genovation is getting ready to release a fully electric 660-horsepower C7 Corvette Grand Sport.

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