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The Camaro ZL1’s 1LE Package is a Whole Lot of Awesomeness

(Credit: © Chevrolet)

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The Camaro ZL1’s 1LE Package is a Whole Lot of Awesomeness

If for some reason the new Camaro ZL1 just isn’t enough car for you, Chevrolet has another trick up its sleeve. I’m talking about the new 1LE package that’ll push the handling capabilities of the baddest Camaro even further.

The Camaro ZL1 1LE will roll in boasting the same powertrain as the standard ZL1. Of course, that’s nothing to turn your nose up to, as it’s a 650-horsepower LT4 engine that’ll launch the ZL1 to 60 mph in just 3.5 seconds and up to 198 mph.

What the 1LE package is all about is handling. This package starts by shaving 60 pounds off the base ZL1 by reducing the rear glass thickness, eliminating the folding function of the rear seats, and installing lighter wheels and dampers. Speaking of the wheels, they are 1.5 pounds lighter than the stock ones on the ZL1 and allow for an extra 10 percent of rubber contact with the road.

2018 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 1LE (Credit: © Chevrolet)

The suspension is the next stop. Here, Chevrolet adds lightweight dynamic suspension spool valve dampers, an adjustable front ride height, adjustable camber plates, and a three-way adjustable rear stabilizer. Chevy designed these components for ease of use, so dialing them in for a race, then converting them back to street settings is simple.

Finally, the aerodynamics. Chevy will add a carbon-fiber rear wing, and unique air deflectors and dive planes up front to help generate downforce.

All said and done, the Camaro ZL1 1LE laps the Milford Road Course track three seconds quicker than the base ZL1. While three seconds doesn’t sound like much, at full throttle in a race, this is an eternity.

A specific release date is not available yet, but it will come later this year. Pricing will come closer to the on-sale date.

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