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Tesla Set To Actually Deliver A Car On Time

(Credit: Tesla )

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Tesla Set To Actually Deliver A Car On Time

Hell must’ve frozen over, because Tesla is actually going to bring the Model 3 to market on time. It’s a first for the California automaker, and maybe it’ll set a trend. That would make Tesla like other car companies, and who knows what could be next?

Elon Musk himself took to Twitter to announce this shocking news. Actually, it’s not that astounding, considering spy photos of Model 3 prototypes testing out in the wild have been floating around for a while. Reputable insider sources said those prototypes were made on the Model 3 production line, showing that Tesla was ready to pull the trigger, with some final tweaks.

Getting the Model 3 out on time has been far more critical than launching any of the other Tesla vehicles. After all, this is the first high-volume car for the company, and will set a real tone as the company tries to push into the mainstream.

To deliver the first batch of Model 3s, Tesla’s going to hold a special “handover party” on July 28. Lest you be mistaken, only Tesla fanboys will be invited. After all, Model S owners have been given priority in the Model 3 ordering process, a move some have criticized for different reasons.

Now, Musk’s talking big, saying the company will churn out 500,000 vehicles in 2018. That might be necessary for survival, considering Volvo, Porsche, Mercedes, and plenty of other automakers are bringing their own EVs to market.

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