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Vanquish Zagato Quartet Complete With Shooting Brake and Speedster Models

(Credit: Zagato)

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Vanquish Zagato Quartet Complete With Shooting Brake and Speedster Models

The Aston Martin-Zagato relationship remains strong, and the bond will spawn two more super-limited-edition Vanquish Zagato models.

Joining the previously revealed Vanquish Zagato Coupe and Volante will be the Speedster and Shooting Brake variants. Like the previous Vanquish Zagato models, these newest additions will be very limited. The Shooting Brake, like the Coupe and Volante, will be limited to just 99 units. The Speedster, however, will be the most limited of the models at just 28 units. This brings the total Vanquish Zagato models to 325 units.

The Speedster, of course, is a roofless design that embraces mother nature. It boasts a pair of speed humps that protrude from behind the seats to signify the signature Zagato double-bubble roof, Aston Martin Vulcan-inspired blade taillights, and 3-D Zagato “Z” motifs in the grille.

Vanquish Zagato Shooting Brake (Credit: Zagato)

The Shooting Brake is essentially the polar opposite of its Speedster sibling. This model boasts a long, flat roof line capped off with a power rear liftgate and the signature Zagato double-bubble roof. Despite its almost station-wagon-like look, the Vanquish Zagato Shooting brake actually has just two seats like the rest of the lineup.

Both models, like the other Vanquish Zagatos, are based on the Aston Martin Vanquish S, meaning they each boast a 580-horsepower V-12 mated to a Touchtronic III transmission. This powertrain pairs with an adaptive suspension system to deliver amazing performance in a straight line and in the corners.

Of course, pricing is not available, as Zagato only sells to select customers and it keeps pricing under wraps. Chances are, these 127 cars are already accounted for.

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