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The Ford EV Mach 1 SUV Just Got Worse

(Credit: Ford )

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The Ford EV Mach 1 SUV Just Got Worse

First, Ford killed the car for North America. Now, we’re getting more news on the upcoming Mach 1 all-electric SUV, thanks to Autocar. While Ford said it was drawing inspiration off the Explorer and Mustang, the vehicle will ride on the new global Focus platform.

Just breathe slowly for a moment and count to 10.

Basically, the Mach 1 is shaping up to be a fat version of the Focus, but with some Mustang styling flourishes. And yes, it’s yet another crossover. Despite the Focus ST’s shortcomings, I’d rather have that. Perhaps I was too harsh in my criticism of the hot hatch.

Let’s just hope Ford pivots, doesn’t call this monstrosity the Mach 1, and resists the temptation to put a little horsy on the grille. If it goes down this dark pathway, Ford will be joining Mitsubishi in violating sacred car namesakes all in the pursuit of more crossover sales.

Before you send angry emails to Ford, know that Autocar hasn’t confirmed its sources for this story. But, if even a portion of this is true, the Mach 1 could be the dumpster fire we’re all fearing.

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