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Elon Musk Goes Full Tilt Against PC Lawsuits

(Credit: Tesla )

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Elon Musk Goes Full Tilt Against PC Lawsuits

As Tesla rattles more cages in the industry, people are turning a critical eye toward the company. That’s led to Elon Musk battening down the hatches more. One of the biggest battles playing out now is based in HR. Allegations of poor or dangerous working conditions, sexual harassment, etc. are starting to dog Tesla. Elon Musk’s reaction is to tell employees that suing Tesla is “obviously not cool.”

Musk used “Doing the right thing” for the subject line of his email. In it, he rails against members “of a less represented group,” according to a report from The Guardian. He goes on to say those people “don’t get a free pass on being a jerk yourself.”

It gets even more interesting, because after that Musk admits that some members of these “less represented groups” got a job or promotion, even though more qualified people from bigger groups in the company were passed over for them. Interesting reaction.

He also makes mention of the many enemies Tesla has. It sounds like Musk is feeling the heat, and it’s not all coming from competing automakers. To be fair, the guy’s running three companies, drilling a tunnel under LA, and putting together a Mars expedition – that’s a lot of pressure.

Tesla is saying that the email was taken out of context.

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