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Rumors Of VW Beetle Death Circulate Again

(Credit: Volkswagen )

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Rumors Of VW Beetle Death Circulate Again

Another day, another rumor of Volkswagen considering cutting products to control costs. And once again, it’s the Beetle that’s supposedly on the chopping block. We’ve already gone through this one, but Autocar talked to a board member from the company, who claims there’s a chance the Beetle will go away forever.

Not that Americans care, but the Scirocco is also potentially a goner. Both cars don’t sell in high numbers. Considering VW is still in a bit of a financial pinch, and shoppers just love crossovers, this seems like a sad but logical conclusion.

In a strange twist, that same executive told Autocar the Beetle would live on, because the convertible could continue production. That seems highly unlikely, because both the coupe and convertible are structurally almost the same. Also, the current Beetle generation is getting a little long in the tooth, and there have been no spy photos or leaked info about the next gen. In other words, buy your new Beetle now, because you might not get the chance ever again.

As the Beetle dies, we get the T-Roc crossover. Is that a fair trade? Shoppers these days probably think so.

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