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Acura Sales Sucked Because Of Bad Design

(Credit: Acura)

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Acura Sales Sucked Because Of Bad Design

Automotive News, always a treasure trove of interesting opinions and industry insights, has finally confirmed what everyone knew: Acura cars have been ugly for years. Thanks to the weird beak noses in the front, and other unfortunate looks, buyers have just been passing up Acura. Despite what your mom might have told you, people do judge a car by its sheet metal.

That’s why the new TLX is so important. The car is letting Acura shed that ugliness and leave it where it belongs: in the past. Gone is the beak, replaced by a somewhat attractive front fascia that at least has no resemblance to a bird.

Another interesting thing we learn from Automotive News is that Acura executives so far have no plans to use a turbocharged engine on the TLX. It’s an interesting and questionable move, because competitors offer such things. Apparently, Acura thinks daring to be different is a good idea. I say no. At least give people the option. If you’re really some freak who’s buying a car from a Japanese automaker but has hangups about turbos, you can get some engine with weak torque.

Back to the new design: will people start snatching up Acuras like crazy again? That remains to be seen. Bring back the Integra, especially the Type R, and I might be on board, especially if a turbo engine is in the mix.

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