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Porsche Has Many More EVs Planned

(Credit: Porsche)

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Porsche Has Many More EVs Planned

Plenty of people are wondering where all the electric cars are. After all, we still only have a handful on the market today. In a few years, that’s about to change in a big way. For example, Porsche will start off with the Mission E in 2019, then follow that up with several more all-electric models.

That shouldn’t be shocking, because Porsche has poured a ton of money and resources into the Model E. To do all that for a single vehicle is not just insane, but bad business. Considering nobody else knows how to maximize profits like Porsche, the company won’t miss an opportunity to make the most of the new EV platform.

Speaking with Automotive News, Porsche Division Chief Oliver Blume said the next candidates for complete electrification are the Panamera and Cayenne. No surprise there, considering plug-in hybrid versions of those two already exist. From there, the Macan is the next logical choice for electrification. Eventually, we’ll likely see a 911 EV.

Why is Porsche pushing electric vehicles so hard is they’re not selling in big numbers here? Part of the reason is competition is heating up. The technology’s getting cheaper, too. Also, with the Chinese government ramping up to restrict vehicle emissions in a big way, electric models will have a huge advantage in that market.

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