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Porsche Teases Possibility Of Mid-Engine 911

(Credit: Porsche)

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Porsche Teases Possibility Of Mid-Engine 911

With a new generation of the Porsche 911 coming up, rumors are flying all over the place. Porsche seems to love stoking the fires of speculation, because everyone’s talking about the 911 and not how great the Mercedes-AMG GT line is.

The latest ridiculous rumor some outlets are taking as an absolute truth is that the new 911 will have a mid-engine layout. That would break from the rear-engine layout the car’s featured since it first launched. Considering how little the 911 has changed in appearance throughout the years, I’m going to say this is rubbish.

Sure, Porsche likely will make some crazy-expensive mid-engine version of the 911 to fleece people with too much money. They’ll sell like the 911 R, being something the average person will be lucky to ever see in person. A new 911 generation will launch, with an engine in the rear, just like always. There probably will be a hybrid powertrain option, but that’s as crazy as it’ll get.

A true mid-engine design would mean eliminating those extra-spacious rear seats in the 911. Porsche drivers need those things for grocery runs, so if you take that out the car becomes that much less practical for daily driving.

With a mid-engine 911 coming to the world of motorsports, a homologated version is likely to hit the market, too. Just don’t expect your neighbor to get one.

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