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More Rumors About The Toyota MR2 Return

(Credit: Toyota)

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More Rumors About The Toyota MR2 Return

Toyota used to be a boring automaker, but things are changing. It has the 86, which is a supremely balanced if not powerful coupe. The Supra’s supposed to be making a triumphant return. And once again, the company’s hinting that the MR2 is coming back, generating plenty of rumors.

That would make Toyota a three-sports-car automaker again. This is good.

Tetsuya Tada, Toyota engineer and head of Gazoo Racing, was speaking with Evo recently and referred to “the three brothers.” Of course, everyone just assumes he’s talking about sports cars, because what else would a guy like Tada be talking about, the Camry, Corolla and Yaris?

Tada went on to say those cars would be on the market at the same time “as soon as possible.”

There’ve been rumors of the MR2’s return for some time now, and this is whipping them up again. Evo seems to think the new midengine car will be a hybrid, based off the same tech as Toyota’s LMP1 racecars.

One teensie little detail casts some serious doubt on the rumor of a new midengine car from Toyota: cost. I love the idea of the MR2 reborn. But Toyota has no midengine platform in existence right now. Developing one will cost a lot of money. People can’t get enough crossovers right now, so a little sports car won’t be a huge cash cow.

If we do get a reborn MR2, it might have an engine up front, or at least be a front-mid layout like the 86.

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