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Porsche Brings The Stick Back For The GT3

(Credit: Porsche )

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Porsche Brings The Stick Back For The GT3

Porsche has finally come to its senses and is offering a manual transmission for the new GT3. While the 7-speed PDK will still be in the mix, and technically it shifts faster, there’s no feeling like heel-toe shifting and rowing through the gears on a real track machine.

The manual transmission is being borrowed from the 911R. That’s great, because this means it has shorter ratios, plus shorter throws. Sure, there’s only six gears instead of the seven you get in other 911s with the manual tranny, but what you get in return is worth dropping a gear.

In standard configuration, the 2018 911 GT3 will feature the PDK. For absolutely no cost, you can switch to the six-speed manual.

Just as amazing is the news about what will be powering the new GT3: a naturally-aspirated 4.0-liter flat six. Peak output will be a solid 500 horsepower and 339 lb.-ft. of torque. The engine was developed using the engine from the GT3 R and 911 RSR. In fact, it’ll be built by the same people making the race engines.

Rear-steering is retained. New equipment includes some big aero, a locking rear differential and dynamic engine mounts.

With a 0-60 time of just 3.8 seconds, the GT3 with a manual tranny isn’t exactly slow. Going with the PDK whittles that time down to 3.2 seconds, but it also minimizes the fun factor. Now, at least, Porsche will let you decide, instead of forcing you into the PDK.

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