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Lucid Air Undercuts Tesla Model S Starting Price

(Credit: Lucid Motors)

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Lucid Air Undercuts Tesla Model S Starting Price

With more electric cars entering the market, the competition is starting to heat up. Lucid Motors has revealed its upcoming Air will undercut the Tesla Model S by starting off at a mere $52,500.

That price is after the federal tax credits are redeemed by buyers, of course. Still, it’s far less than the reported price of over $100,000 that was going around.

If you think the base Air will be some stripped-down vehicle to sell for so little, Lucid says it will rival BMWs, Mercedes, etc. that are priced similarly. In other words, the company won’t be cutting corners just to offer a cheap car.

Along with the price, we have some additional details about this base model. Range is great at 240 miles, while 400 horsepower on tap with rear-wheel drive sounds fun. It also comes with 19-inch wheels.

On the practical side, the front and rear trunks provide 32 cubic feet of cargo space. That rivals some crossovers, but the Air is a sedan. It seats five people and has 12-way power-adjustable front seats. A 10-speaker sound system, 10 airbags and four digital screens (three are touchscreens) are all loaded in.

That’s not everything standard on the base model, but you get the idea. You can add options, too, like a fully active suspension, an upgraded battery for 400 miles of range, 21-inch wheels and a sound system with 29 speakers, to name a few.

The first wave of Lucid Airs will be special Launch Edition cars, with 1,000 horsepower, a 315-mile range and a price tag north of $100,000.

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