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95 Octane Might Become Regular Gas

(Credit: General Motors )

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95 Octane Might Become Regular Gas

Maybe one day in the not-distant future you’ll be filling up with 95 octane gasoline, without paying for premium. The auto industry might finally pull off the dream of making 95 octane the baseline for all gas stations. You can thank the quest to lower emissions and boost fuel efficiency for this gift.

As Automotive News reported, GM vice president of global propulsion systems, Dan Nicholson, testified in front of the House Energy and Commerce Committee about the switch. FCA and Ford have also contributed to research supporting the new policy.

About not paying for premium, if this goes through you actually would be paying for premium, because that’s all that would be left. Not everyone will be happy about the higher cost of gas, but I suppose oil companies love the proposition.

Automakers argue that the increase in fuel efficiency by using only 95 octane gas will make up for the cost increase. Well, maybe not for your current clunker, but if you buy a newer car that runs a high compression ratio, then you’ll see the benefit. So that will fuel car sales, supposedly, and everyone will be happy, right?

Something in the reasoning might be off there, but that’s just my way of viewing things. Will this proposal go through? If it makes its way to the House floor, we’ll see how it fares.

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