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Thanks To Massive Crossover Sales, Midsize Sedans Are Getting Sportier

(Credit: Ford )

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Thanks To Massive Crossover Sales, Midsize Sedans Are Getting Sportier

Do you hate boring midsize cars? You’re not alone. The good news is a report from The Car Connection claims we’re about to see more sporty midsize sedans. And we can thank vibrant crossover sales for this gift.

Nobody will mistake any of these sporty sedans for a true performance car. Well, most people won’t. While having an M5 or Chevy SS Sedan is thrilling, those vehicles aren’t affordable enough for most shoppers. What automakers are finding is the people who are still buying sedans are staying away from crossovers for one factor: better driving dynamics.

It makes sense, because crossovers are tall, and despite what advertisements tell us, don’t handle quite like a traditional car. Sure, sedans aren’t going to give you the same kind of handling as a Lotus Exige, but most consumers will never know the difference.

The average Joe who chooses a Camry over a Highlander is looking for something that handles a little better. If you make it look more exciting, stiffen up the suspension some and add a little extra power, suddenly a life of mediocrity transforms into a life of mediocrity, interspersed with slightly more fun on the road.

Not too long ago, only Toyota and Nissan recognized this opportunity. Today, we have sporty midsize sedans from Ford, Subaru and Honda. Likely we’ll see this trend continue, because automakers need to do something before midsize sedans become extinct. That’d be horrible.

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