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Obama Is Killing Trump’s Automotive Regulation Promises

(Credit: Volvo )

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Obama Is Killing Trump’s Automotive Regulation Promises

Volvo Drive Me prototype

Volvo Drive Me prototype (Credit: Volvo )

With Obama heading out of the White House and Trump roaring in, there’s a lot of friction. When it comes to the automotive world, that means a huge regulatory fight that could determine the future direction of the industry, at least in the United States.

Considering we’re the second-largest automotive market in the world, that’s a big deal for everyone. Plenty of people are watching nervously as team Obama has been pushing through all kinds of last-minute regulations for fuel economy standards, emissions, autonomous tech – you name it.

Experts think this is part of a strategy to make it all but impossible for Trump and fellow Republicans to undo what’s been put in place during the last eight years.

In a report from The Detroit News, different members of the American auto industry said the current administration’s moves show its true nature. Other groups are applauding the effort to safeguard the environment. It’s all very controversial.

When it comes to electric cars, all of this might not even matter. At this point, Tesla Motors has caused a tremendous shift in the market and is finally making money, so even if team Trump can remove regulations, electrification is a reality everyone will need to grapple with.

What is at stake is how the government deals with self-driving tech. Trump could try to take away regulations, which would speed up the deployment of autonomous cars on public roads. Some think that’s dangerous, while other find it exciting.

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