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Tesla Model 3 Buyers Will Be More Critical Of Quality

(Credit: Tesla )

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Tesla Model 3 Buyers Will Be More Critical Of Quality

Tesla really has its work cut out with the Model 3. Not only does it have to start whipping out cars in a fury, the new owners probably won’t be charmed by quality issues. Weird, I know.

With the Model S and Model X, there’ve been some… wrinkles to iron out. Most notable were the doors on the Model X, which I personally experienced whack my kid’s leg and then my dog’s face one after the other. Had I just dropped over $100,000 for a vehicle that did that, I would’ve been furious. It turns out, new Model 3 owners probably share my mentality.

This insight comes from a report done by J.D. Power. Since the Model 3 won’t be a toy for the rich, and more likely a daily commuter, owners will be “less forgiving” if there are problems. In other words, they won’t have five other vehicles to choose from when there’s an issue with their Tesla.

According to J.D. Power, most Tesla owners consider themselves to be “early adopters.” They’re fascinated with the novelty of a luxurious electric car, instead of worrying about the practical nature of such a thing.

With early deliveries expect this summer, and the main slug of Model 3s hitting the market in the fall, we’ll see how things go.

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