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Teaser Video Shows Lamborghini Has Something Up its Sleeve

(Credit: © Lamborghini)

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Teaser Video Shows Lamborghini Has Something Up its Sleeve

Lamborghini "What Will Be Next?"

Lamborghini “What Will Be Next?” (Credit: © Lamborghini)

A new Lamborghini isn’t a common event, as it tends to shy away from shaking things up too often. But every so often, the Italian supercar maker stirs the pot with something new. This appears to be the case after watching the teaser video (below).

The video highlights the brand’s iconic 12-cylinder engines by showing off some of its greatest models, including the 350 GT, the Miura, the Countach, the Diablo, the Murcielago and the current Aventador. While seeing those rigs all in one video is pretty badass, what caught my attention (and likely yours) was the phrase “what will be next” at the end of the video.

Is this teasing a new Lambo model? Or is this simply a rhetorical question without any actual meaning to it?

In the corner of this being a true teaser are rumors that the raging bull is working on an updated Aventador. This model will, reportedly, feature an updated look, additional technology and, best of all, additional power. It’ll also tackle the twist with the best of them, thanks to its rumored adaptive dampers.

What will Lamborghini call this new Aventador? If leaked patent filings are any indication – and they often are – it will carry the Aventador S badge.

This, of course, is still just speculation, but we should learn more at one of the major 2017 auto shows – possibly Detroit or Geneva.

Stay tuned for updates.

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