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Mercedes-AMG to preview the GT Concept in Geneva

(Credit: © Merceds-AMG)

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Mercedes-AMG to preview the GT Concept in Geneva

The Mercedes-AMG GT coupe is an amazing automobile. It’s combination of luxury and sportiness is nearly unmatched, and it just keeps getting better each year with new tweaks here and there. Now, this lineup is set to expand to include a four-door model, and we’ll get our glimpse of this model in concept form in Geneva.

For now, Mercedes-AMG is calling this model the GT Concept, but the name isn’t important. What is important is that Mercedes-AMG seems prepared to finally answer the call of taking all that makes the current GT awesome and moving it into four-door model.

The teaser video (below) is the most telling of the previews, but even that only tells a very small piece of the story. We can see that the concept will boast the GT’s vertical grille slats, the same wraparound taillights as the GT with some funky LED lighting, some sort of weird eye that pops out of the side (0:06 mark the video), chrome-and-gold-colored wheels, and what looks to be a large center-mount exhaust.

There are no additional details at this point, but we luckily don’t have to wait too long, as the Geneva Show kicks off on March 7, 2017. Stay tuned for updates.

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