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Volkswagen Makes Its Own Audi A7

(Credit: Volkswagen )

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Volkswagen Makes Its Own Audi A7

Volkswagen finally did it: it ripped off the Audi A7. Let’s face it, the Passat CC had potential, but it just didn’t quite get there. The new Arteon hits all the right chords, because it’s an Audi with a VW badge.

Exactly what the point of the Volkswagen Arteon is might not be entirely clear. VW just went through a huge pollution scandal, needs cash desperately, and so releases a knockoff of the A7. The car’s admittedly quite beautiful, because Audi makes attractive vehicles, but is this thing really going to turn around Volkswagen and its image?

I’m pretty sure the Arteon is coming to the United States, but Volkswagen won’t say. The company has only said the car “will be launched in practically every country in the world that is relevant to this vehicle class.” German automaker press releases can be… interesting.

This car rides on the same MBQ architecture as the new Golf. Other than the crazy body, the powertrain options and such come right out of the Volkswagen parts bin, so expect the usual range of engines, etc. you get on the Passat. Even though VW says diesels are part of the mix, don’t hold your breath on those coming to America anytime soon.

No word on pricing yet, but VW says it’ll be “attractive.”

After this, Volkswagen will totally make more electric cars like the Budd-e, it promises.

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