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Dodge Challenger Demon Has Anti Wheel Hop Tech

(Credit: Dodge)

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Dodge Challenger Demon Has Anti Wheel Hop Tech

Dodge is going to tease us with this slow rollout of the Challenger SRT Demon until we’re all crazy. This time around, the brand wants us to know all that power, however much it is, won’t lead to excessive wheel hop, thanks to some advanced tech.

Just check out the informative video to see details. I’m kidding, there are only some snippets of into, along with a lot of CGI fire.

Cutting down on wheel hop is a new Launch Assist tech. Speed sensors monitor for signs of tire slippage. When that’s detected, a control module reduces engine torque so you regain traction. In other words, you don’t need to worry about going back on the throttle, because the car will do it for you. Is that lazy? Yeah, but it’s cool.

As you can see in the video, other upgrades will handle all that awesome power, however much it is.

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