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Koenigsegg Can Remotely Change Suspension Settings From Anywhere

(Credit: Koenigsegg )

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Koenigsegg Can Remotely Change Suspension Settings From Anywhere

Koenigsegg chassis

Koenigsegg chassis (Credit: Koenigsegg )

Vehicle tech is getting pretty crazy, but electronically-adjustable suspensions aren’t anything special these days. But the fact Koenigsegg can remotely change the suspension tuning on all of its cars, no matter where they are in the world, is impressive.

All Koenigsegg owners need to do is call up the factory in Sweden and request a damper settings adjustment. Engineers dial is a solution and apply it through the air. This is a much better use of tech than watching cat videos on the go.

If you want to push things even further for a track run, Koenigsegg can help program the suspension to react in advance of turns. This allows individual settings for each of the dampers, for unprecedented customization. It takes considerable work to set up, but the results could be amazing.

This change was announced by Koenigsegg, along with other suspension and subframe developments. One of the other interesting details, out of the many you can read over, is why Koenigsegg doesn’t apply any carbon fiber to subframes. The Swedish automaker claims any weight savings gained by using carbon fiber would be minimal compared to the chrome-molybdenum it uses now. Plus, the alternative would increase each car’s price, and the cost to make repairs. At the same time, Koenigsegg says using carbon fiber for the wheels nets a huge performance increase by shedding 30 percent-plus unsprung rotational mass.

It’s always interesting to see how Koenigsegg does things, because it definitely doesn’t conform to industry norms.

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