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Nissan Altima Doors Like To Open By Themselves

(Credit: Nissan )

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Nissan Altima Doors Like To Open By Themselves

Most people don’t like components failing on their car, but having your door latches give out when you’re driving at freeway speeds is most concerning. That’s the fear with 341,000 Nissan Altimas, which are being recalled.

Apparently, passengers and drivers a getting a nice shock when the rear passenger door flies open. The problem is with the latch-lock cable for that door, which doesn’t go through a safe route. It gets tangled up with the power window regulator, so when you try to lower the window, the door opens instead.

The 341,000 Nissan Altimas affected by this problem are from the 2015 to 2017 model years.

If you have one of the recalled Altimas, a dealer can fix it easily. Nissan is providing harness protector patches to relocate the cables. If necessary, the latch-lock cable assembly and door sealing screen could also be swapped out.

Although the recall paperwork was submitted by Nissan a few weeks ago, the official recall hasn’t been issued yet. Nissan will be notifying vehicle owners if their Altima is effected, so make sure the company has your current address. In the meantime, just leave the windows up and everyone hopefully will be just fine.

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