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Chrysler Goes All Electric With Concept Minivan

(Credit: Chrysler)

Concept Vehicles

Chrysler Goes All Electric With Concept Minivan

Chrysler Portal Concept

Chrysler Portal Concept (Credit: Chrysler)

After shocking everyone with the first plug-in hybrid minivan, Chrysler keeps flexing its technological muscles. This time, it’s created an all-electric minivan concept called the Portal.

Just one look at the Chrysler Portal and it’s obviously a concept. It has zany looks, with sliding front and rear doors, plus no B-pillars for a huge opening for easy entry.

More important is the engineering details, because they could be used for an all-electric version of the Pacifica. The concept is front-wheel drive, with a single electric motor. Recharging can be done at 350 kW, so you get 150 miles of range in about 20 minutes. The 100 kW battery allows for about 250 miles of range, when it’s fully charged.

Showing off its tech skills further, Chrysler made the Portal Concept partly autonomous. The minivan has a system similar to Tesla’s Autopilot, meaning it can drive itself in some situations. According to Chrysler, it can be upgraded to Level 4 autonomous driving at a later time. There’s also a wireless network, so passengers can share files and more while they’re traveling.

Really, this is an impressive concept vehicle. If Chrysler can bring these sorts of technologies to market, it might not be facing annihilation after all.

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