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McLaren’s Next-Generation Super Series to Debut in Geneva

(Credit: © McLaren )

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McLaren’s Next-Generation Super Series to Debut in Geneva

McLaren Monocage II

McLaren Monocage II (Credit: © McLaren )

McLaren has never before replaced an entire family of vehicles in its lineup. But that’s all about to change in the near future, as it’ll soon unveil the first of a wave of cars that’ll make up its second-generation Super Series lineup, which currently includes the 12C and 12C Spider, the 650S Coupe and Spider, and the 675LT Coupe and Spider.

According to the British supercar manufacturer, it’ll reveal the first of these vehicles at the 2017 Geneva Auto Show on March 7. There is no mention of which vehicle will roll out first, but we do know it’ll use a new carbon-fiber structure called Monocage II.

The new Monocage II will be more rigid than the current structure while saving some weight. In fact, the vehicle set to debut in Geneva will weigh just 1,283 kg (2,829 pounds), making it 18 kg (40 pounds) lighter than the current 650S.

According to McLaren, this new structure will also improve all-around comfort for occupants. It’ll create a wider cabin entrance and lower sill for easier ingress to the cabin, and deliver great visibility. Drivers will also notice its lower center of gravity.

Optionally, the new Super Series car will have the “Visible Monocage” option, which exposes the carbon-fiber structure on the A-pillars. You know, for those who like to brag a bit…

Stay tuned for full details on the second-generation Super Series in the coming months.

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