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California Could Press Accelerator On Zero Emissions Goals

(Credit: Chevrolet )

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California Could Press Accelerator On Zero Emissions Goals

Is a President of the United States who’s big on fossil fuels and hostile to alternative energy the end of the line for EVs? If California has any say in the matter, no. CARB, which predates the EPA, is looking to push for tougher zero emissions goals.

The reason for this move is simple: technology has rocketed forward faster than expected. It’s a testament to the power of Tesla, Nissan, BMW and others who’ve been forging ahead with EV tech.

Another factor CARB is citing in its reasoning, which is all laid out in a super-concise 650 page report, is the popularity of EVs. It’s funny to think the government agency didn’t think electric cars would be so popular so soon, but it didn’t.

CARB says the Chevrolet Bolt and the upcoming Tesla Model 3 will make accelerating zero emissions vehicle sales goals completely doable. They’re EVs people want and can afford, so that makes sense.

What about automakers crying to Trump about emissions standards? CARB thinks they’re crocodile tears, noting none have struggled to meet the EPA standards, or its own. All of that was done using things like turbocharging and direct injection, which are well-established technologies. The thought is that pushing harder will force automakers to really innovate.

Is it possible automakers will just stop selling cars in California? No, because it’s the single largest car market in the nation, which is the second-largest market in the world. Californians buy more vehicles each year than do entire countries.

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