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Toyota Shows Us the Future: A Four-Wheel IPhone

(Credit: Toyota)

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Toyota Shows Us the Future: A Four-Wheel IPhone

Toyota Concept-i

Toyota Concept-i (Credit: Toyota)

Just when I thought Toyota had turned over a new leaf by making a new Supra, this happens. At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, the automaker revealed the Concept-i. Basically, it’s an autonomous car managed by an AI that’s like Siri on steroids. Yes, it’s a giant iPhone you get in and are driven around by.

The future looks bleak, folks.

If this is what we have to look forward to for all cars, we’re screwed. While some people probably think kicking back in some weird vehicle, doing extra work or watching Netflix instead of cussing out other drivers sounds great, it’s kind of not. If you love driving, which some of us do, this kills all the fun. Literally, all of the fun is murdered by vehicles like the Concept-i.

The AI, called Yui, is supposed to tell if you’re mad, sad, happy, or whatever else. It changes lighting, suggests where to go (hopefully not to hell, but you never know) and make small talk.

Okay, I might’ve overreacted a little bit. You can manually drive the Concept-i, but having a chatty onboard artificial intelligence still kills all the fun. If this is the future, Toyota, you can keep it. I’m good with a manual six-speed and a CD player.

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