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Redesigned 2018 Chevy Equinox Almost Never Happened

(Credit: © Chevrolet)

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Redesigned 2018 Chevy Equinox Almost Never Happened

The redesigned Chevy Equinox is just starting to hit dealerships, but its roots stretch all the way back to a concept drawing General Motors released back in 2014, which was nothing like what we see today – and for good reason.

Back in 2014, Chevy was elbows deep trying to play damage control with the ill-received Chevy Malibu redesign, but its focus was on the new Equinox. When Chevy showed the Equinox’s concept drawings to focus groups, the viewers quickly turned their noses up at it, calling it “Too bulky. Odd styling. Not compelling enough,” according to Automotive News.

In years past, General Motors’ bean counters would have held their ground and kept the design (and costs) on schedule. But in its post-bankruptcy era, GM is a little different. Now the company and its new leadership know that the buyers input is indispensable and just how important the crossover segment is.

Instead of holding firm, new CEO Mary Bara and then-product director Mark Reuss decided to abandon the design and send it back for a complete redo. Fortunately, what we got in return was the design that is making its way to dealerships now, which is smaller, more stylish and more fuel efficient than the previous generation.

It’s great to hear that the era of the bean counters running the show at GM are behind us, which should help keep the brand from losing its edge like it did in the years leading to its crash and eventual bankruptcy.

Now we just need to wait and see if this reset of the Equinox will actually pay off.

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