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Buick Isn’t Making The Avenir

(Credit: © GM)

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Buick Isn’t Making The Avenir

2015 Buick Avenir Concept

2015 Buick Avenir Concept (Credit: © GM)

Buick wowed everyone with the Avenir a year ago, introducing the possibility of a seductively sleek sedan for the brand’s lineup. Well, the dream of it ever becoming a production reality is dead. This is not just speculation, but rather official word from General Motors.

The news came out during an interview Duncan Aldred, the head of Buick GMC, with Automobile Magazine. It seems the Avenir was never really being entertained as a potential production vehicle, but internally was always viewed as a concept and nothing more.

This doesn’t mean that the Avenir didn’t serve a purpose, because it did. Aldred revealed that reaction from the media and public did get him and others thinking, but there was no way to justify adding the car to the brand’s lineup. Instead, different elements of the concept will be making an appearance on the future LaCrosse, so there’s that.

Apparently Aldred doesn’t want to step on Cadillac’s toes, because he has to play nice with the sibling brand that’s loaded with too many sedans. The Avenir probably would’ve cannibalized the CT6’s sales, and that’s not good for business. There’s also the fact that people are buying fewer sedans, because everyone loves lifted wagons, otherwise known as crossovers.

An even more important question is whether or not the Avista will see dealer showroom floors. During the interview, Aldred dropped some hints that it could turn out to be the brand’s halo model. While the Cascada is the current halo vehicle for Buick, the Avista could fill that role once there’s a vacancy. That could be a while, because the Cascada is brand new.

Quite frankly, the Cascada is a poor halo model, especially in comparison to the Avista, which shares a chassis with the Chevy Camaro and Cadillac ATS. The Avista would make a loud and clear statement that Buick has turned over a new leaf and really wants to appeal to drivers’ youthfulness, but for now that’s not reality.

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