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Hyundai Gives Us a Glimpse at its i30 N Hot Hatch

(Credit: © Hyundai)

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Hyundai Gives Us a Glimpse at its i30 N Hot Hatch

Hyundai continues to tease us with its upcoming N performance lineup, and it gave us another glimpse today with a new video showing off the i30 N. Check out the video below.

This video shows the i30 N – the i30 is, essentially, the Elantra GT here in the U.S. – carving up curvy roads in the U.K., as testers work the kinks out of the prototype. But it goes beyond just handling and speed, as the executive vice president head of vehicle testing and high-performance development, Albert Biermann, talks about how they are also testing to assure the i30 N is comfortable enough for daily driving.

While comfort is well and good, all we really care about is if Hyundai can actually build a car to compete with the Volkswagen GTI and Ford Focus ST? That remains to be seen, but rumors point toward the i30 N being quite incredible at up to 250 horsepower coming from a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine. Reports also indicate there is the possibility of an optional eight-speed dual-clutch transmission later in its life.

Luckily, we won’t have to wait long for its official debut, as Hyundai announced in the video that the i30 N will break cover later this year. I assume we’ll see it at the Frankfurt Auto Show,which kicks off on Sept. 12, 2017 for the press.

It remains up in the air as to whether the Elantra GT will get the N treatment here in the U.S. too. Changes are, if it does, it’ll be a few years after the i30 N arrives.

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