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The New Fisker Karma will be, well, a Fisker Karma

(Credit: © Fisker Automotive)

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The New Fisker Karma will be, well, a Fisker Karma

Fisker Karma

Fisker Karma (Credit: © Fisker Automotive)

After Fisker and its Karma went under a few years back, Chinese company Wanxiang Group Corporation bought it and promised a resurrection. Since then, fans of the brand have been wondering what the Chinese company has planned for the big sedan. Today, a new report from an in-the-know member of revealed a ton of information that is sure to satisfy some and tick off others.

According to forum member JCMorill, the Karma will be pretty much the same old rig we all met back in 2012. Of course, there will be a handful of mild tweaks, but the majority of it will remain unchanged. One key area is the powertrain, which will remain a 260-horsepower 2.0-liter four-cylinder that drives a 175 kW (235-horsepower) generator for its two 150 kW (201-horsepower) electric motors. In total, this complex powertrain churned out 403 horsepower, traveled up to 33 miles on electricity alone, and went a total of 240 miles on a tank of gas and a full charge in 2012, and this report claims this will be unchanged in the revived Karma.

The claim of the same old in terms of range goes counter Karma chief marketing officer, Jim Taylor’s, comment that the new Karma would travel 50 miles in EV mode and up to 350 miles total.

Also carrying over, according to the report, are most of the Karma’s looks. The forum member does claim that there could be some fascia tweaks, but these are unconfirmed. While this may turn off some people, there are plenty of people who fancy the Karka’s looks to this day.

There will also be a few technology updates to keep it up with the times. These new features include auto braking, adaptive cruise, and updated displays in the center console in the dashboard.

With the new Karma set to arrive in limited numbers in 2017, we should get more information on it soon, so stay tuned.

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