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BMW to Simplify the Next-Generation 3 Series Lineup

(Credit: © BMW)

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BMW to Simplify the Next-Generation 3 Series Lineup

2017 BMW 3 Series GT

2017 BMW 3 Series GT (Credit: © BMW)

When BMW split the 3 Series sedan and coupe into the 3 Series and 4 Series, respectively, the move made sense. Then, it complete screwed that up with the 4 Series Gran Coupe and further complicated it with the 3 Series GT. Now, according to a report from BMWBlog, the latter may not be long for this world.

The report, which comes from an unnamed BMW source, says BMW will ax the 3 Series GT one the new-gen 3er debuts. This will reportedly happen sometime in 2018.

The reasoning for the sudden elimination of the hatchback 3 Series? The confusion within the lineup with all the variants of the models and the fact that the 3 Series GT is the slowest selling of the 3 and 4 Series models. What’s more, BMW found that selling the 3 Series GT next to the 4 Series Gran Coupe caused more problems with buyers than good.

The report goes on to mention that when the new-generation 3 Series arrives, it’ll not only be minus one model, but it’ll also have a drastic change in appearance. It will boast cutting-edge bodylines and more sculpted surfaces than the current model. As for size, BMWBlog claims it’ll be roughly the same size, save for its 7 cm (2.75-inch) longer wheelbase.

More will come as we near the official release of the new 3 Series, so stay tuned for updates.

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