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Lamborghini Focuses On Women And Families

(Credit: © Lamborghini)

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Lamborghini Focuses On Women And Families

Lamborghini Urus Concept

Lamborghini Urus Concept (Credit: © Lamborghini)

Everything you think you know about Lamborghini as a brand’s about to change. This might seem like the apocalypse for some enthusiasts, but Lambo is working hard on new models women and families find appealing.

Really, this move is inevitable. The raging bull is fun and all, but what really makes the money are vehicles you can take to the grocery store. Just look at Porsche and its Cayenne, which has resulted in the Panamera and Macan. Practical sells, and without money automakers close shop, like Saab.

Does this mean the Italian bull will be turned into a cow? Automotive News says we should all brace for a “softer” Lambo in the future. The new CEO Stefano Domenicali has been pushing for this since he got the job in March.

Of course, the new Urus SUV will be the first “softer” Lambo. It should be a huge money maker, but with a turbo V-8 and sharp geometric design, it doesn’t seem like a huge departure from the brand’s core. The big difference is it should be more practical for everyday life, and comfortable to use daily. After all, trying to go shopping in a Gallardo is a joke.

Expect a smaller SUV to follow in the near future, which will specifically target single women. Will it have the typical angry look of a Lambo, or be more of a Nissan Juke in its design? Hopefully this isn’t the beginning of the watering down for the Italian brand.

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