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CAFE Fuel Economy Standards Could Be Scrapped

(Credit: © Mercedes-Benz)

Fuel Efficiency

CAFE Fuel Economy Standards Could Be Scrapped


S550 PLUG-IN HYBRID (Credit: © Mercedes-Benz)

After a controversial election, automakers are wasting no time working to get rid of CAFE. Automotive News reported that less than two days after Trump won, the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers (a big automaker lobbying group) sent a letter to the president-elect to ask for the change.

The big concern is that pushing for increasingly more advanced powertrain technology is making cars too expensive. Everyone knows gas is cheap right now, so the thought is we should relax a little, take advantage of that fact, and stop worrying about pushing forward.

This news has really riled some EV fanboys, but should it? Some auto industry experts think the hybrid and EV movements will continue, even if CAFE is scrapped. In other words, there’s probably little Trump can do to stop the energy revolution.

Even BorgWarner Inc., which pretty much relies just on turbochargers to stay afloat, is bracing for an all-electric future. Exactly how long that would take to become a reality is anyone’s guess. Without the government pushing things, it would be more market-driven and less predictable. But with automotive superpowers like Daimler, GM and Volkswagen going full-steam ahead with electric powertrain tech, it does appear to still be the future.

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