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Land Rover Shows Off EV and Hybrid Concepts

(Credit: © Land Rover)

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Land Rover Shows Off EV and Hybrid Concepts

Land Rover Alternative Powertrain Concepts

Land Rover Alternative Powertrain Concepts (Credit: © Land Rover)

Land Rover isn’t too well versed in alternative powertrains, but it clearly isn’t ignoring the fuel-saving trend of the automotive realm. The British SUV builder showed off its ability to produce low-emission vehicles at the CENEX Low Carbon Vehicle event. To be precise, Land Rover revealed three concepts, including a mild hybrid, a plug-in hybrid, and an EV at the event.

The first of the concepts is called the Concept_e MHEV, which is a mild hybrid vehicle based on the Range Rover Evoque. This concept makes use of a 90 PS (89-horsepower) diesel engine and a 15 kW (20-horsepower) crank-integrated electric motor. This electric motor has a clutch-disconnect feature to help extend fuel economy. This pair of powerplants mate to a nine-speed auto transmission.

The second of the thrifty models is the Concept_e PHEV, which is based on the Range Rover Sport. This plug-in model uses a 300 PS (296-horsepower) gasoline engine and a 150 kW (201-horsepower) electric motor. The latter acts as the starter motor and draws its power from a 320-volt lithium-ion battery. The power routes through an eight-speed auto transmission and delivers power to all four wheels.

The final of the three models shown off is the Concept_e BEV. This is a full-electric vehicle that is based upon Jaguar Land Rover’s aluminum vehicle architecture. The Concept_e BEV uses a 70 kWh HV lithium-ion battery that fuels electric axle drive units. The front axle has an 85 kW (114-horsepower) motor, while the rear axle has a twin-speed transmission with a 145 kW (194-horsepower) electric motor. At a total of 230 kW (308 horsepower), this platform is sure to deliver exhilarating performance.

While none of these concepts are slated for production, Land Rover did make clear that it is focused on delivering reduced fuel consumption and emissions. So, chances are that these concepts will, at least, inspire production models.

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