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Nissan Finally Is Teasing The New Leaf

(Credit: Nissan)

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Nissan Finally Is Teasing The New Leaf

Get excited, everyone, because the current ugly Nissan Leaf is about to go end of life. In its stead will hopefully be a much more attractive car. Nissan has begun the tease, showing us a headlight, and even it looks better than the current Leaf.

Also, this headlight looks a little on the mean side. That has been the design language for Nissan lately. I predict a floating roof and swoopy LED headlight accents will follow, plus maybe a rear diffuser, if we’re so lucky.

Spy photographers have caught the new Leaf out testing in the wild, under heavy camo, of course. From the looks of things, the electric car will borrow heavily from the new Murano’s styling. Normally I wouldn’t be even a little excited about that, but in this case it’s different. You see, it marks a turning point for Nissan. Instead of making an electric car that is weird and looks like nothing else, this means it will make an electric car that’s weird and looks like the rest of the lineup.

There are lots of rumors floating around about the next-gen Nissan Leaf. If you believe them all, it will feature over-the-air charging, a holodeck, and deployable drones. Expect better range for sure, hopefully with the top trim boasting over 200 miles on a single charge. Considering Nissan has delayed this release for so long, that’s the least it could do.

Nissan loves reminding everyone that the Leaf was the first mass-market electric car. This new generation has some competition, so it needs to be impressive and not just novel.

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