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6th-Generation BMW M5 to Gain a New M xDrive System

(Credit: © BMW)

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6th-Generation BMW M5 to Gain a New M xDrive System

The all-new 2018 BMW M5 is nearing release, and BMW has revealed a little information on its chassis and powertrain. The big news is an all-wheel-drive system that provides traction as needed and that rear-wheel-drive spirit drivers crave normal conditions.

Known as the M xDrive system, this new all-wheel-drive setup delivers all the goodness of four-wheel traction without the tradeoffs that hamper performance cars like the M5. This system, in normal driving, acts as a standard rear-wheel-drive system, and it only ships power to the front wheels when the rear wheels completely lose traction.

To assure the driver is getting the behavior they expect from the M xDrive system, there are five settings to choose from. For the stability control, there are three settings: DSC On, MDM, DSC Off. As for the M xDrive system, there are three modes: 4WD, 4WD Sport, and 2WD. The latter of those modes is the one that’ll interest traditionalists the most, as it permanently puts the M5 in rear-wheel-drive mode, giving it that classic sports sedan feel regardless of traction.

6th-Generation BMW M5 (Credit: © BMW)

Also new in the new model will be an eight-speed Steptronic transmission in the place of the outgoing seven-speed dual-clutch unit. While the dual-clutch unit was great, this new eight-speed, according to BMW, still delivers fast shifts but also improves fuel economy and has a smoother takeoff.

Under its hood, the M5 will continue with a 4.4-liter TwinPower Turbo V-8, but it’ll be significantly updated. The specifics aren’t available yet, but BMW promises more power and torque thanks to its higher injection pressure, new turbos, updated lubrication and cooling system, and a modified exhaust system.

While BMW doesn’t give any specifics, it does claim the new M5 will easily smoke its predecessor to 10 km/h (62 mph) mph and 20 km/h (124 mph), thanks to its enhanced traction and new powertrain.

There is no indication of when the new M5 will arrive and hat it’ll cost. Stay tuned for details.

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