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10 Cars That are Being Discontinued After 2016

(Credit: © Mitsubishi)

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10 Cars That are Being Discontinued After 2016

Each and every year, the automotive realm undergoes big changes as new models come in and old models go out. The outgoing models often have some of the most intriguing stories behind them. Some of them are popular models that have simply run their course, others are the victims of a philosophy change within an automaker, and others were just half-baked ideas that should have died in the design phase.

Insider Car News takes a look at 10 most notable cars that are set for elimination this year.

2015 Scion tC Release Series 9.0

2015 Scion tC Release Series 9.0 (Credit: © Scion)

1. Scion tC

It’s not just the tC that is getting the axe, as the entire Scion brand is finally dying. The reason we are highlighting the tC is because the FR-S, iM and iA are all moving to Toyota, and the xB and iQ have long been on the chopping block. The tC is the only semi-popular model from the brand that will not make the move to the Toyota brand.

RIP Scion and the tC that put the brand on the mainstream map early in its life.

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