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Shanna Bell

Managing Editor
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As our Master Curator and Managing Editor, Shanna has turned her addiction to Pinterest into a career here at TipBuzz. She has been part of the Tip Buzz team since it launched in 2015.

Audrey Mirabito

Video Contributor
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Audrey was Tip Buzz’s very first video contributor, joining the team in 2015. The talent shown in her work speaks for itself. She’s currently studying Motion Pictures and Film at Keene State College and will graduate in 2016.

Steven Shaltiel

Video Contributor
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A senior studying Digital Cinema at DePaul University, Steven’s work is always prestigious. He’s been delivering rich, delicious content to TipBuzz since 2016 and was among the first contributors to join the team.

Life Hacks

Let’s face it, life is hard. Who isn’t looking for simple ways to make it easier? Little ways to save time, money, or effort are called “Life Hacks” and we’re completely obsessed with finding the best ones.


Anything worth doing is worth doing yourself, right? You’ll be surprised how some of the internet’s most talented individuals have mastered the art of helping the rest of us accomplish D.I.Y greatness without being professionally skilled.


Your lifestyle is determined by the little details, and we’ve got plenty of those. From the way you part your hair, to the way your house smells or the best ways to arrange a cheese plate, you’ll find the inspiration here.


Let’s face it, this category needs no introduction. It’s probably what brought you here, and we’re totally cool with that. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a quick solution to a weeknight dinner, or an elaborate breakfast for someone special, nothing gets the job done like these foolproof recipes.

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